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RSS IA to Bahrain : navy
  • /u/7212gopew22 on IA to Bahrain October 31, 2021
    I was in Isa for 6 months back in 2015, it’s a shit hole but it’s a shit hole where you can save a lot of money which is always the goal. I would take it save the money and the leave then once you get back take your family and do some fun shit
  • /u/bullywallstreet on IA to Bahrain October 31, 2021
    I tell people to think about their career..yes family is important. But family won't be on your eval, they won't help you take the advancement exam. So if you think going IA can help you advance(evals, experience ect) then go for it. The money is good too.
  • /u/Dismal-Manner-9239 on IA to Bahrain October 30, 2021
    I’m out here right now, and I work next to air ops. PM me for a POC
  • /u/The_Sky_Skipper on IA to Bahrain October 30, 2021
    270 days
  • /u/WTB2997 on IA to Bahrain October 30, 2021
    Just got back from there. PM me and I can get you into contact with a few of the AC’s I know.
RSS [deleted by user] : navy
  • /u/precociouslilscamp on [deleted by user] September 26, 2021
    I was the CMC I'm chill af It's a trap I just know it
  • /u/Easy_Independent_313 on [deleted by user] September 26, 2021
    I've heard it very different. It was just a few admin buildings and medical was in a trailer. We all stayed at an apartment building surrounded by concertina wire and marines about a mile away.
  • /u/papafrog on [deleted by user] September 26, 2021
    Dude, you’ve been warned. Don’t doxx people.
  • /u/DJErikD on [deleted by user] September 26, 2021
    Honestly, you wouldn't recognize it anymore.
  • /u/guitarguy12410 on [deleted by user] September 25, 2021
    Currently stationed in Bahrain (been here 11 months), summers suck but the winter is amazing (in the 60s and 70s most of the time). Winter starts in mid November and goes till about March-ish. You get used to the heat. I work on NSA so different experience than being on a boat but it's not […]
  • MA K9 Handler November 18, 2022
    Does anyone have info on the K9 community for MAs? I'm interested in it but I heard it's a hard place to get into. Any info would be appreciated. submitted by /u/abipqqjkls [link] [comments]
  • Which one of you degenerates is flying through DTLA everyday? November 18, 2022
    submitted by /u/stuckinthepow [link] [comments]
  • Navy Christmas on the Wisconsin November 18, 2022
    submitted by /u/MausBomb [link] [comments]
  • Do SAR Swimmer’s Stand Watch? November 17, 2022
    I’ve heard multiple things about this. Do SAR swimmers stand watch underway? What about in port? submitted by /u/Ok_Clerk3516 [link] [comments]
  • BAH not going through? November 17, 2022
    Hi! I’m a spouse to a Navy sailor, we got married in SD about 2 months ago and have been paying rent out of pocket. Like I said, it’s been 2 months already and nothing has came through- plus my wife will be deployed in the coming months which may make it harder to figure […]
RSS I had a question about…
  • currently at Meps but I want to get a job that has a top secret clearance November 18, 2022
    Straight to the point I made a promise to my girlfriend in Thailand and bought the tickets to go see her months back. I'm at Meps now and know a top secret clearance will see my trip there. Also am I allowed to do this since I'm going to do dep and will this be […]
  • HM or Sub IT? November 17, 2022
    hi everyone! so I qualified for both HM and IT on the ASVAB but decided to sign my contract as an HM via the biometric scanner thingy (it’s pretty cool!) even though they kept pushing me to go submarine IT tech and I declined because HM was something I’ve wanted to do since childhood. My […]
  • Does the months in boot count towards ranking up? November 17, 2022
    So I’ve been in for 9’months now counting bootcamp. does that mean I’m e2 now or do the months at boot camp not count? submitted by /u/CocCheese [link] [comments]
  • I broke my neck in a car accident two years ago. What are the chances of me still being able to enlist? November 17, 2022
    Just wanting to see if anyone else had a similar injury and if they were able to enlist or not. Some more information: I’m a (m) 21 yo who was in a car accident two yrs ago that caused this (other driver was at fault). I got the documents from the ER I went to […]
  • Contacting detailer November 17, 2022
    Hey everybody, I’m about to complete my “C” school soon after a long year of schooling, and haven’t received orders yet. I’ll get straight to the point and say, I have a fiancé in Virginia and have always wanted to get stationed in Norfolk because that’s also where my grandfather was stationed. What’s the best […]
RSS Dumb First Time PCS Question : AirForce

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Marhaba Bahrain; Before and After Impressions

It was sometime in 2012 when we received an order to go to on PCS orders to NSA Bahrain. We don’t know anything about the country except that it is in the Middle East. Due to what’s being portrayed in the media and or even in the movies, I had some preconceived notions about the middle east.

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Virtual Ombudsman Helps Bahrain Military Families With Planning

Serving in the military is one of the most critical jobs in our nation, helping protect America’s interests at home and abroad. However, members of the military often find themselves taking assignments around the globe without a lot of information regarding how to make this new locale a home for them and their families.

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