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  • /u/7212gopew22 on IA to Bahrain October 31, 2021
    I was in Isa for 6 months back in 2015, it’s a shit hole but it’s a shit hole where you can save a lot of money which is always the goal. I would take it save the money and the leave then once you get back take your family and do some fun shit
  • /u/bullywallstreet on IA to Bahrain October 31, 2021
    I tell people to think about their career..yes family is important. But family won't be on your eval, they won't help you take the advancement exam. So if you think going IA can help you advance(evals, experience ect) then go for it. The money is good too.
  • /u/Dismal-Manner-9239 on IA to Bahrain October 30, 2021
    I’m out here right now, and I work next to air ops. PM me for a POC
  • /u/The_Sky_Skipper on IA to Bahrain October 30, 2021
    270 days
  • /u/WTB2997 on IA to Bahrain October 30, 2021
    Just got back from there. PM me and I can get you into contact with a few of the AC’s I know.
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  • Dumb question July 2, 2022
    Is it possible for a SARC to become a dog handler. I know that marsoc typically uses mps as handlers. But is it possible for a SARC to become one? submitted by /u/Savings-Difference76 [link] [comments]
  • meps July 2, 2022
    going to take the asvab in a week. Then choose my rate... any advice?? submitted by /u/klownzi [link] [comments]
  • Is it worth it to be an Officer (preferable Nuclear officer)? is there quality of life or that just working everyday even on weekends! July 2, 2022
    submitted by /u/True-Exercise-5236 [link] [comments]
  • Failed Coast Guard Boot Camp, thinking of Navy July 2, 2022
    Shipped out for CG basic training May 10th, but got medically discharged on June 3rd. I got an RE3 Discharge code/ failure to adjust disorder. Physically, I was doing fine, passed PT run test in week 1, and swim tests in week 2. Just had a panic attack end of week 2 and got hospitalized. […]
  • Visitor Policy at NAS North Island? July 2, 2022
    I just got stationed at NAS North Island and my parents are coming out to visit me in 2 weeks, and said that they want to come on base. Anybody know what the visitor policy is? As long as I am escorting them around base is everything fine? Or will they have to get special […]
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Checkout Latest News And Articles From Our Blog.

Marhaba Bahrain; Before and After Impressions

It was sometime in 2012 when we received an order to go to on PCS orders to NSA Bahrain. We don’t know anything about the country except that it is in the Middle East. Due to what’s being portrayed in the media and or even in the movies, I had some preconceived notions about the middle east.

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Virtual Ombudsman Helps Bahrain Military Families With Planning

Serving in the military is one of the most critical jobs in our nation, helping protect America’s interests at home and abroad. However, members of the military often find themselves taking assignments around the globe without a lot of information regarding how to make this new locale a home for them and their families.

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